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Bruxism: Bruxism Symptoms and Sleep Bruxism

Bruxism Symptoms and Sleep Effect


Bruxism is a condition in which teeth and gums become slightly loose and it also pains a lot. If one wakes up in the morning with a headache or sore jaw muscles then there are chances that it is bruxism. There can be grinding and clenching of the teeth and it may further destroy the bones and tissues of gums that surround the teeth. Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome can also be a result of Bruxism, in this syndrome the problems arise on the jaw joint.

Symptoms of Bruxism

There are no clear symptoms of bruxism that you yourself can discover. The symptoms usually are not even realized by you as it happens more as an unconscious habit. You might not even be sure about it unless someone who has noticed the horrible sound you make while you are asleep tells you about it. If you visit a dentist regularly then there are chances of discovery of bruxism as the dentist might discover the fractured tooth enamel or the worn-out teeth. The other symptoms that you may or may not feel include pain in the face or headache and neck pain. It is advisable to visit a dentist in case you have any such symptoms.

Bruxism Treatment

The kind of treatment you need depends on the root cause of the problem that has caused bruxism. A dentist would be able to determine the intensity of damage by a thorough examination of your teeth and would ask you certain questions in order to help you in the best way possible. The intensity of damage caused due to bruxism is one of the main factors that dentists consider before recommending any kind of treatment. After a thorough analysis  and examination, the dentist may suggest one of the following treatments to you:

      An Appliance: This is more like a custom-made appliance that you can wear while you are off to sleep. As this would be designed in a customized way in order to perfectly fit your inner mouth it will help in protecting the upper teeth from grinding against the lower teeth. Though using an appliance is a good option for the people suffering from bruxism it doesn’t promise to cure it.

      Finding Ways of Relaxing: Stress is considered as the root cause of bruxism and stress reduction methods and activities are always good for the people suffering from bruxism. A good book, nice music, a long and comforting walk or bath can bring a lot of positive change not only in the personality but also help in handling stress. It is also advised to treat the sore part of the muscles which resulted due to clenching with warm and wet cloth in order to relax the muscles.

      Reduction of the High Spots: New fillings, crowns or orthodontics can be used to help achieve a situation where your teeth start fitting well together. The clenching and grinding sometimes give rise to an abnormal bite and reduction of the high spots of teeth help in achieving a properly even bite.

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