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COVID-19 Impact: All About Virtual Consultations & Online Dentistry

virtual consultation with dentist | Smile Slect Dental

A healthy smile is what we all crave. But the dilemma of stepping out to visit a dentist amidst the COVID-19 pandemic scare perplexes the mind even more. Things are not that easy anymore and your health remains your topmost priority. To make sure you meet your dentist without risking your health, Smile Select Dental now provides online dentistry in the form of virtual consultations. You can use the teleconsultation facility to meet your dentist online from the safety of your home. The online dentist can then assess the teeth issues you face and suggest a remedy or maybe an in-office visit if really required. Virtual dentistry is the new norm in this era of the pandemic. Experience the new way of the smile makeover!


The process is entirely convenient, all you need to do is schedule a virtual consultation on the website or you may call us. Your online dentist would be available at the appointment time and would interact with you while you stay safe at home. The dentist would listen to your teeth-related grievance and address your concerns regarding any dental process. The dentist would digitally assess if you require any advanced treatment or procedure that may be the need of the hour. This would make sure that you do need to visit beforehand without knowing if you are a candidate for dental treatment.


We are all well aware that the Coronavirus spreads through droplets of fluid, saliva, etc. While the dentist takes all measures and safety protocols to ensure you remain safe and healthy at all times, any illness or underlying health conditions can make things a lot more dangerous. To avoid the anxious moments from cropping up, virtual consultations and online dentistry is the right answer. There are many benefits:

This helps you avoid coming in contact with people unless absolutely needed

You can meet the dentist virtually from the comfort and safety of your home

In case you live in the countryside, online dentistry can be a boon for you

You can know beforehand if you are the right candidate for treatment


Essentially, one reason why patients could prefer online consultations is to get their dental problems assessed and to ascertain whether those are serious or not. It has come to light that many times, patients have queries relating to toothaches, cracked & chipped teeth, sores, denture issues, etc.

Online dentistry can help you with your concerns regarding aligners

You can avoid unnecessary exposure during these times of the Coronavirus

This helps pre-determine the type of treatment that may be required

Virtual dentistry allows patients and dentists to remain in touch during the course of the treatment.


Many of us often make excuses when it comes to visiting a dentist. Maintaining oral hygiene is very much advisable and you should go ahead with at least a general check-up every six months. By regularly keeping in touch with your online dentist, you can keep good teeth health by detecting an early onset of cavities, gum diseases, and oral problems. When proactive measures are adopted, potentially painful procedures and teeth complications can be avoided.

It has often been cited in several studies that oral health is directly linked to overall health. Don’t let your teeth deteriorate, book a virtual consultation with Smile Select Dental today. We provide you with a number of versatile opportunities to interact with our specialists. Dentists at Smile Select help you get in charge of your oral health again. Our dentists carry immense experience and specialize in their fields.


This is how you start. Feel excited at the idea of improving your oral health. Prepare for a healthier, happier smile by scheduling a virtual consultation at your leisure. We are always ready to help you out.

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