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Losing milk teeth is normal but if you are losing your natural teeth at an early age then it should be a concern. Nowadays it is heard quite often that people to lose their teeth at a very early age and the reason is bad oral/dental care. At times the cause of teeth loss can be either an oral disease, an injury due to factors like accidents, lifestyle, etc. In such cases Dentures are the best possible solution.

A denture is custom made a set of false teeth generally made of acrylic resin and lightweight metal. This treatment or procedure is performed at a doctor’s clinic and may need several visits within a certain span of time which may go as long as 4-8 weeks.

A denture is used as a replacement for missing teeth which helps in improving a person’s appearance and smile. It can easily be taken out and put back in. Doctors’ advice to take out the denture at night before going to bed. Dentures do need the same care as natural teeth.

Dentures are broadly divided into two categories namely complete dentures and partial dentures.

A complete denture is used to replace all the teeth wherein a partial denture replaces one or multiple teeth but not all of it.

Complete dentures are either immediate or conventional. An immediate denture is placed the same day as soon as the natural teeth are removed whereas conventional dentures are placed after the teeth have been removed and gum tissues have healed. As each person is different from other this sometimes may take around 8-12 weeks of time.

Also over a period of time dentures may start to loosen due to normal wear and tear and need repair or realignment. So if you are looking to go for Dentures then you must visit a dental clinic and should know the procedure and cost involved.

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