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Get the Insight Into Scaling and Root Planning Here

Scaling & Root Planning | Smile Select Dental

People often become a victim of periodontal diseases if left untreated. But, with routine periodontal scaling and root planning, oral health can be restored back to normal. Dental deep cleaning is a non-surgical dental procedure that assures clean teeth. This treatment is critically needed when plaque and bacteria lie deep in cavities. Often, such issues can give rise to critical general health diseases. Therefore, paying a visit to a dentist for scaling teeth is worth preserving your good oral health. When the matter is as sensitive as dental health, prevention is always better than cure. The root planing & scaling support preventive dentistry opens the door to good oral health.

Let’s read more in detail about this dental procedure:

Overview of The Root Planning & Scaling Process: The dental deep cleaning procedure works well if considered at an early stage of periodontal diseases. In this stage, individuals have already developed pockets of unwanted space between the teeth. Over time, these pockets become bigger in size which causes a huge blow to dental health. As these pockets expand, the teeth tend to pull away from the gums. Eventually, leading to the teeth fall out. Due to infected dental cavities, the bacterias are accidentally swallowed. The disease-causing bacterias go into the bloodstream and give rise to serious health conditions.

Heart attacks, strokes, inflammation are some of the serious complications of dental infection. The scaling and root planning is mostly given as a single treatment unless there is extensive damage to the teeth. The procedure includes the use of local anesthesia that eliminates the pain. While scaling teeth, a dentist works to remove bacterias using mechanical tools. The treatment focuses on clearing plaque, tartar, and decay. The root planing procedure is focused on cleaning below the gum levels. The bacterias cannot be seen with the naked eyes, but leave the teeth surfaces rough. Dentists use hand instruments to eliminate this debris. Your dentist knows well which instrument to pick between an ultrasonic tool and a scraping tool. However, the ultrasonic tool is mostly preferred as it causes less discomfort to patients.

Are You A Suitable Candidate for Scaling Teeth & Root Planning?

The dentists use the guidelines issued by the American Dental Association to check if a candidate is suitable for the dental deep cleaning. According to them, if the oral diseases have extended between three to six millimeters right below the gum line, then that candidate is suitable for periodontal scaling. The gum diseases which exceed this amount must be addressed with the surgery. What Comes Next? After the procedure is done, the patient may experience mild soreness, pain or bleeding. However, this is completely fine as the procedure requires working in sensitive areas. These symptoms usually disappear within a few days.

In case, the symptoms continue to be the same, you may consult your dentist for help. As a word of caveat, it’s better to stay away from extremely hot or cold beverages after the procedure for the quick recovery. Smile Select Dental possesses deep knowledge in the periodontal scaling and root planing. In our 3 decades of dental experience, we have treated many patients with teeth scaling, root planning and other orthodontic treatments. Give us a call if you wish to have a disease-free oral health life.

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