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How Oral Health Affects General Health

How Oral Health Affects General Health

Without maintaining good oral hygiene, your teeth can become the breeding ground for bacteria. You will never know when this infection can strip you of your good health. According to recent studies, oral health problems have been linked to deadly diseases such as mouth cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Unfortunately, very few people are familiar with this bitter reality. But, ignoring these facts won’t give you the mercy of these diseases. The prevailing oral conditions can severely impact your cardiovascular health as tooth problems and heart disease are interlinked with each other. So, paying attention to your dental oral hygiene is the only way to holistic health. Let’s take a look at how bad oral health conditions can wreak havoc on your healthy life.

1. Mouth Cancer:

With more than 30,000 new cases of mouth cancer being reported each year in the States, it has emerged as a serious oral condition that does not differentiate between the rich and poor. It has become a more common disease than the thyroid, leukemia and various others. It borns out of bad oral hygiene that slowly develops into mouth cancer if not treated at an early stage. So, before it costs you life, get treated at a reputed dental clinic. The spread of mouth cancer is more complicated to treat at a later stage, so don’t take any chances!

2. Cardiovascular Diseases:

The tooth problems and heart disease have a close relationship, according to the studies. The bacteria which cause periodontal diseases are the real culprit behind cardiovascular diseases. This shows that maintaining your good oral hygiene is like giving your body a strong shield that can safeguard the overall well-being of your heart. Treating these oral infections is the only gateway to a healthy heart.

3. Diabetes:

Are you aware of the fact that diabetes counts as the fourth leading cause of death in the United States? Furthermore, the research revealed that the majority of people with diabetes have periodontal disease in common. This discovered the fact that individuals suffering from oral health problems are likely to be victim of diabetes in the near future. That means, if you are experiencing fluctuations in the blood sugar levels, get yourself checked for periodontal diseases before the symptoms trigger.

4. Respiratory Ailments:

You might not familiar with the fact that the bacteria which are born out of the oral health problems can make their way from mouth to lungs in a short time. Without dental oral hygiene, you might end up catching asthma or lung cancer due to the ongoing infection from oral health diseases. If it happens, your ability to breathe will be greatly compromised which could be life-threatening.

So, never let these annoying health issues haunt you down, visit a dentist to clear out the oral infections. This list continues to go on with some more annoying general health conditions such as osteoporosis, eating disorders, etc. Your precious life is not worth falling in prey to dental diseases which can cause general health issues as well. Therefore, never delay visiting us, Smile Select Dental, when you experience any gum inflammation, cavities, plaque or tooth decay. We are your gateway to holistic health because we never let bacteria slip out of your mouth into the bloodstream - saving you from the deadly general health diseases. Contact us to get good oral hygiene today!

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