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Damon braces  showing

If you are still living with those old-fashioned conventional metal braces, then the time has come to look for a change. Have you heard about Damon clear braces before? Well, the term might be new to you, but the Damon system does exist for a long time. Damon orthodontics is all about using self-ligating braces to fulfill the purpose of teeth straightening. It has no archwire attached to the brackets just like in the case of traditional metal braces. Instead, there is a provision of a component in the brackets that keeps the brackets closed around the wire.

If you are planning to get your teeth straightened soon, then below are the reasons to consider Damon braces that will help you out in the process!

2. If You Are Not a Good Fan of Extractions

The absence of ligatures makes Damon orthodontics one of the most sought dental treatments. Its popularity is growing steadily among the masses. You might be curious to experience the level of comfort that you feel after wearing Damon braces. Well, in short, the excitement increases many folds as the brackets are very small in size in contrast to the conventional braces. Furthermore, no extractions are involved while undergoing this orthodontic treatment in California. It means no more pain during the treatment under the Damon system.

3. If You Want Quick and Visible Results

Unlike the conventional metallic braces, the treatment process is accelerated in the Damon braces. Traditional metal braces are known to consume a lot of time to show results while this is not the case with the Damon braces treatment. For instance, the conventional braces typically require 1-2 years to fix dental conditions such as a crooked tooth, while in the contrary, similar progress can be achieved in less than six months using Damon braces. Hence, people who have given up must try considering braces under the Damon system. A fast recovery may boost their happiness in several folds.

4. If Getting Comfort is in Your Priority List

Last but not least, Damon braces take the lead when the matter is related to comfort. It has been seen that people wearing conventional metal braces often complaint of annoying discomfort associated with the jaws. Usually, dentists suggest them not to focus on the discomfort. But why live with such issues when you can actually go for a convenient option like Damon braces? Moreover, it isn’t a big deal to find a good dental clinic for Damon braces in Los Angeles.

How to Proceed to Get Damon Braces?

Talk with your orthodontist to check if the Damon braces will really fulfill your dental needs. The orthodontist will check if you are a suitable candidate for it. Also, you will need to inquire about whether or not your insurance will bear up the treatment expenses. Since your beautiful smile is more important than any other thing, you shouldn’t hesitate to proceed with Damon clear braces!

Smile select dental is a leading dental clinic that brings you the most advanced orthodontics and other dental procedures to fix your oral health conditions. Our bespoke orthodontic treatments reflect the highest quality possible, keeping the affordability factor in the mind. Ask us to avail the advanced Damon orthodontics today!

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