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Stay Prepared for Dental Implant Surgery With These 5 Steps

Stay prepared for dental implant surgery with 5 steps

Knowing in advance about the things to expect during a dental implant surgery will effectively speed up the recovery process. Remember, it is an outpatient dental procedure that requires a visit to an implant dental clinic for surgery. That means, on your return back after the surgery, you will need an assistant or folk to drop you down back home. So, it’s better to prepare yourself and your home to accommodate the needs of the process.

The dental implant procedure oral surgery will go smoothly if you put little more effort into it. Below are the things to help you make a sound preparation:

1. Consult With Your Implants Dentist!

Talk with your oral surgeon prior to the oral surgery and note down prescribed medications after the tooth implant procedure. Act smartly by arranging for the medicines before the surgical procedure. Ask your friend or family member to pick up the prescriptions right after the surgery. Discuss upfront with your dentist if you have any anxiety related to surgeries. The dentist will also help to clear your doubts and would suggest you sedatives accordingly.

2. Arrange For Personal Assistance And Transportation!

Ask your friend or relative to accompany you to the dental clinic on your designated surgery date, time and venue. There are some sedatives that make you feel drowsy for hours. So, it’s better not to take the risk of driving and let your friend drive you home. If you have small kids at home, make sure someone is there to look after them in your recovery time.

3. Keep Enough Gap Between Meals & Dental Implant Procedure!

If your surgeon is going to use intravenous anesthetic sedation, then you must strictly follow the guidelines issued by him, helping him to make the process smooth. Stick to the preoperative instructions closely which include not consuming anything prior to the tooth implant procedure, at least for 8 hours. Even the intake of water is not allowed. On the other hand, if the dentist has plans to use a local anesthetic, then there must be a gap of 1-2 hours between the light meal and surgery. Stay away from smoking, at least 12 hours prior to surgery.

4. Wear Loose Clothing During Dental Implant Procedure!

Prefer wearing short-sleeved and loose-fitting apparel during oral surgery. Although the dentist will make their best efforts to protect your clothes from staining. But still, it’s better to wear something that you don’t mind staining. Avoid wearing any kind of jewelry and contact lenses while operating.

5. Prepare Your Recovery Space Before Tooth Implant Procedure!

After going through the dental implant surgery, you will need a space to rest and recover. What if you get ready with these bedroom preparations in advance? It will help you take a nap shortly after the surgery. Your dentist would also recommend you to rest immediately after the oral surgery. You might not be in a situation to sleep on the side or at the back. Use enough pillows while sleeping as they would help you stay reclined. Consult with your dentist to receive more instructions!

At Smile Select Dental, we are always with you before and after the dental implant surgery. With professional guidance and friendly assistance, you will recover in a quick time. We understand that making a patient familiar with the surgery preparations is an integral part of the process and we play our role like a pro. Consult us today for oral surgeries!

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