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Symptoms and Causes of Oral Cancer

Symptoms and Causes of Oral Cancer


Cancer is the out of control growth of cells that violate and damage the tissue. In the case of oral cancer, it is noticed when the mouth feels sore which is uncontrollable. It includes tongue, cheeks, and lips, around the mouth, throat and soft palate. This can very well be life-threatening and should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

So what are the symptoms of oral cancer you ask? We have listed some of the most common symptoms for your reference: 

  1. Velvety patches of red and white in the mouth
  2. Most common is the unexplainable bleeding in the mouth
  3. Swelling, lumps or bumps, rough crusts or eroded areas on the lips, gums, or other areas of the mouth are also some common symptoms:
  4. Sudden and substantial weight loss
  5. Voice feels thick and hoarse
  6. Throat constantly feels sore and hurts without any reason
  7. Chewing, swallowing and speaking difficulties
  8. Sudden loss of feeling, numbness, and pain in areas around mouth, face, and neck.

We are just some of the most common symptoms and if you’re experiencing any of the above, we suggest getting proper diagnostics and treatments immediately.

We wanted to talk about the causes of oral cancer as well so we have listed below some agents that lead and promote oral cancer:


One of the most common reasons for oral cancer, smoking cigarettes, cigars, and pipes lead to oral and lung cancer.

Consumption of Alcohol:

Did you know that oral cancers are more common in heavy drinkers? Excess consumption of alcohol leads to cancer. Family history of cancer, we suggest taking early treatments and precautions.

Smokeless Tobacco:

Snuff, dips, chewing tobacco are also some products that cause oral cancer and are more harmful than other products. It causes cancer in cheeks, gums, and lips. Excessive sun exposure: Many think that sun exposure at a young age is no big deal, but it is especially common at a young age to kids who are exposed to the harmful UV rays for hours on end.

HPV or Human papillomavirus:

This is very common and is usually spread through sexual contact and can last for a long time. We suggest you opt for immediate treatment.


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