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The Pros Cons of Dental Veneers

The Pros and Cons of Dental Veneers

A lively and smiling face that merrily shines and stands out from the crowd is something we all wish to flaunt. Nothing matches the beauty of neatly-crafted dental veneers and that lustrous appearance that epitomizes the Midas Touch. 

The fine-tuned teeth result from the dental practice of planting affordable dental veneers, just like the one available at Smile Select Dental in California. Veneers improve the teeth and make better smiles. These are also called porcelain veneers and are custom-made for patients applying a thin layer of tooth-colored material on the front teeth to make the patients feel better. With practical techniques, the dental veneers are bonded to the original teeth. This helps to alter the shape, color, and even the teeth length. 

These are mostly resistant to stains and feel more like original teeth. In case you are someone looking to buy quality and cost-friendly dental veneers, speak to experts at Smile Select Dental today and schedule a consultation. 


  1. Teeth that lose color: Root canal treatment, excessive fluoride presence, or stains could be the reasons that lead to teeth discoloration. Better quality and affordable dental veneers could be the answer to making your smile better.
  2. Affordable dental veneers can help teeth that are chipped and damaged. 
  3. Smile Select Dental has solutions for patients who suffer from misaligned and irregular teeth.


Talk to your favorite dentist at Smile Select Dental, schedule a consultation, and your dentist would help you find the right treatment options according to your requirement. Call now for an appointment. 

Flaunt a refreshing smile next year! 


Cosmetic dentistry options are available at Smile Select Dental. The dentists' team always ensures that you get excellent services and quality dental veneers at an affordable cost. It's time to bring that gorgeous smile back; schedule a consultation today, and let's take it from there.

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