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Things to Know About Invisalign Treatment

Things to know about invisalign treatment

Crowded or out of place teeth not only knocks down your confidence but also result in speech issues. Crooked teeth can disturb chewing, cause jaw strain, and even headaches. Besides, improperly placed teeth are difficult to clean, causing tooth decay and gum disease.

Because of its convenience and effectiveness, Invisalign treatment has gained momentum in today’s world. It is a remarkable orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth without visibility. Overcoming the limitations of metal braces, these clear aligners help align your teeth without screws, clasps, and brackets. To get the desired result, it is necessary to carry out proper research and then start the treatment. Here are some important things to know about Invisalign treatment.

1. Duration of Use to Get Results

It is essential to use Invisalign aligners for at least 20 to 22 hours a day to avoid prolonging the treatment. Wearing it for the recommended time would get timely results.

2. Choose the Best

Though all clear aligners may give the same appearance, you can find out the difference in their fine detailing that can affect your treatment. Good aligners are more comfortable as they are trimmed from the gum area. Besides, several brands available in the market may confuse you. So consult the dentist and then choose a reliable brand like Invisalign to get decisive outcomes.

3. Neat Teeth and Clean Aligners

You must clean your teeth after eating or drinking anything except water and then insert aligners. This helps to prevent cavities, plaque, and staining. Also, clean your aligners before wearing them without failure.

4. No Eating With Aligners

Though clear aligners are made of durable plastic, constant chewing may reduce its life. This will add to your expenditure as you will need to replace them frequently. So avoid eating and drinking (except water) with aligners. Clean them with a brush and give a quick rinse with water.

5. Retainers Needed

Invisalign treatment will do an exceptional job, but to prevent its effects from wearing off, it is necessary to use retainers. So insert retainers every night after the completion of Invisalign treatment as per dentist instructions. Avoiding them would increase the chances of your teeth shifting back to their previous place.

6. Duration of Treatment Varies

Though clear aligners work fast as compared to metal braces, there is no set time for the results. The duration of treatment varies from person to person, depending on the current condition of teeth.

Knowing about the treatment beforehand will allow you to make an informed decision. So if you are thinking of getting back your confident smile, consider Invisalign treatment. You are never too old to start this treatment. Smile Select Dental provides efficient, yet affordable Invisalign services in California. You will have an expert team to guide you at every step at Smile Select Dental.


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