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Three Key Functions of Bone Grafts

Three Key Functions of Bone Grafts

All through our life, we have known bones to be made of hard and rigid material. While that it is true, but do you think the material remains rigid throughout our life span? The answer is NO! Our body undergoes a constant make and breaks phenomenon, especially with the bone cells. And if the bone cells undergoing this phenomenon are in close proximity to our teeth, it can also pose negative effects on our teeth. The consequences are aplenty- drifting away of neighboring teeth or even tooth loss.

A smile without all the teeth shining brightly usually lacks the charm. When our tooth is lost, the bone surrounding it tends to get melted away. This can lead to an overall loss of bone. If statistics are to be believed, we lose as much as 25% of our bone mass tissue under empty spaces of our missing teeth in just one year. To prevent such a condition to prevail, one of the best methods is bone grafting. It is a small scale surgery wherein a small incision is made on the gum so as to reach the bone under it and subsequently fill it with the grafting material. There are many benefits of getting bone grafting done. Some of them are as follows:


That’s the biggest plus point of the bone grafting phenomenon. The material used in bone grafting helps in keeping the bone intact and is enriched with bone minerals so as to let our bodies make new bone cells. However, this can be a short term solution, for a permanent solution one needs to get a dental implant done.


Bone grafts serve two purposes- reducing bone loss and supporting dental implants. The second purpose is served when implants are made on thinner bones. In such conditions, bone grafts extend support and keep the implants in place. The grafting material will not only join the existing bone but also stimulate the growth of new bone in order to lay a strong foundation for an implant. The healing process might take a couple of months for complete recovery.


Many people fear that bone grafts or implants will hamper their facial structure. But the reality is that when bone grafts and dental implants are done simultaneously, not only the shape of the face remains intact but it also helps in maintaining the health and hygiene of the gums and the mouth. Bone grafting is a great idea especially in the case missing tooth as it will help in restoring your smile whilst ensuring the hygiene of your mouth.

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