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Tips For a Healthy Summer Smile

Happy family with summer health tips | Smile Select Dental

Summertime is the season to spend, enjoy recreational activities, get out in nature and soak up the heat, and share reminiscences with people we care about. While you are enjoying yourself this summer, keep your family’s gums and teeth healthy and strong.

The summer season may intimidate your oral health in its own way, although that is definitely true for every season. It does not indicate we should not get out there and take pleasure in it. This piece will assist you with the tips on what you can do to protect your smile this summer.

Here Are Tips for a Healthy Summer Smile

Schedule a Dentist Appointment

The first order of business for a healthy smile at any time of the year is a visit to your dental hygienist.   That is the foundation of finding what problems can be lurking and taking action to correct and clean the gums and teeth.

Drink Lots of Water to Avoid Dry Mouth

Water is important in protecting the teeth; it plays a significant function in the overall teeth health. And we know how dangerous it is to dehydration. Similarly, dehydration may lead to gum disease, which is another means dehydration can be harmful to the body.

Dehydration results in dry mouth, which means, the mouth cannot produce sufficient saliva. Saliva comprises restorative minerals and traces calcium that maintains and keeps your tooth enamel strong. So you can envisage why it is important that you have sufficient saliva in your mouth! Make sure you stay well-hydrated throughout the year, particularly during the heat of the summer seasons.

Choose Healthy Snacks

Summer is typically the season when we make arrangements for those trips to the local pool, to the beach, and to the park. As a result, when you are going out, it may be enticing to load a bag filled with highly processed convenience foods such as crackers, pretzels, and chips. We load our coolers with fruit juices, sports drinks, and soft drinks.

They may be convenient, but they are filled with more sugars that contribute to your chances for tooth cavities and decay. Rather, it is better for your gum and teeth to choose healthy, calcium-rich hard cheeses and crunchy fruits and vegetables.


Summer sports are part of the most interesting segments of summer! High-contact sports are not the only ones that necessitate the use of a mouthguard. Maintain and keep your summer smiles saved during the following activities:

  • Bicycling
  • Surfing
  • Skateboarding
  • Volleyball (sand or court)
  • Baseball/Softball

Making time to maintain and keep a healthy dental care routine is especially significant in the summer. When you are packing up your towels, flip flops and sunscreen; do not forget your dental essentials!

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