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What Happens during teeth cleaning

It’s very common to fear dental check-ups and cleanings. Looking at the machines, tools and all the strange noises can easily scare someone. But having a clean mouth is very important and the procedure is painless and simple. It helps when you are aware of the process so we have shared the process that takes place.

Step 1. A physical exam

The procedure starts with a thorough physical examination of your entire mouth. A small mirror is used by the dental hygienist who uses it to check the gums and teeth for any signs of gingivitis and other oral conditions. Dentists tackle any problems that may be found.

The hygienist uses a small round mirror and a scaler to remove the tartar and plaque present near the gums and in between teeth. The time to remove the entire the amount depends on the tartar build-up and doesn’t be alarmed by the scraping noise.

Step 3. Gritty toothpaste cleaning

After the tartar removal, the hygienist uses a high-powered electric brush to clean teeth even further and that makes a grinding noise. It helps deep clean and removes any leftover tartar. The toothpaste used has a gritty consistency that aids in scrubbing.

Step 4. Expert flossing

Flossing is a great way of getting rid of food particles stuck in your mouth but nothing beats professional flossing. The professionals are very meticulous and it also helps them isolate any troubled area or bleeding gums. This process helps remove the leftover toothpaste and tartar.

Step 5. Rinsing

After the thorough cleaning process, you rinse your mouth to get rid of debris and toothpaste. The rinse water usually contains liquid fluoride.

Step 6. Applying fluoride treatment

The last step is applying fluoride treatment which acts as a protectant against cavities for several months. It is a foamy or sticky gel and can be in the flavor of your choice. It is left on the teeth for a minute.

We hope this guide gives you a clear idea of what to expect when going for teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is usually done 2 times a year.

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