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Numerous myths prevail about dental implant surgery that discourages an individual to get treated on-time. Eventually, most of us end up causing a loss to our oral health just because we aren’t familiar with the facts in reality. Even the most acknowledged persons can’t stay untouched by these myths when the matter is as sensitive as medical treatments. As the Internet is full of such false information, it’s easy to fall into the trap. However, no worries, Smile select dental, one of the best dental implant experts in Los Angeles, has brought the actual difference of the dental implants fact and fiction.

The dental implant myths debunked here won’t let you slip into the pitfall of false information. So that the next time, you don’t hesitate to take the decision that has the potential to address various oral health concerns. Get on a ride with us to debunk the dental implant myths that are prevalent in your surroundings.

Myth 1: I’m Not a Good Candidate for Dental Implants Because I’m Too Old

Truth:Ageisn’t a factor to be considered while performing dental implant surgery.However, this rumor has gripped the thoughts of many individuals who hesitate togo for the dental cosmetic surgeries. If you look at the facts, you will besurprised to know that many individuals even in their 90s have been successfullyoperated for the implants. In fact, it’s a great feeling to seeing yourselfswitching from ill-fitted dentures to the long-lasting dental implants,regardless of the age.

Smile select dental, one of the most sought dental implant experts, has given a new dental life to the patients suffering from the heart diseases, diabetes, and other health issues. Gum diseases may decide if you are a good candidate for the dental implants, but not your age. So, cut this myth from the root.

Myth 2: Dental Implants Are a Costlier Affair

Truth:Smileselect dental, we don’t sugarcoat the things, so we never hesitate to tell youthat these implants will cost you more. But, they really prove to be cheaper inthe long term as compared to the dentures and bridges. If convenience is yourprime concern, then the dental implants will serve in your best interests. Therewill be no more replacement fees in the near future that will make you fall inlove with the dental implant benefits. We want to give you a long-term solutionto replace your missing teeth, and durable dental implants greatly support ouraim to satisfy your dental needs.

Myth 3: Dental Implants Can Give Rise to Migraines and Headaches

Truth:Therehave been rumors that the titanium in the dental implants gives rise toheadaches and migraines. This is not true at all because there is no clinicalresearch supporting this myth. If you are experiencing headaches after theimplants, then it could be due to several other pointers. The symptoms might bepointing out to nerve damage, damage to the sinus cavity, etc. Such surgicalcomplications could result in the headaches. Sometimes, the TMJ is the rootcause of the jaw pain and headaches. So, you shouldn’t live with a myth thatdental implants are giving you pain. 

Your search to avail the cost-effective dental implant surgery accomplishes at Smile select dental office. We are the most reliable dental implant experts conveniently accessible in Los Angeles. An oral surgery at our modern dental facility means a lot when it is about the satisfaction. Get ready to avail the dental implant benefits with a dental leader like us. We are the born dentists who know how to transform your life and your smile with the implants. Contact us today!

Author:- 1 year ago By Dr. Parimal J. Kansagra
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