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Oral Surgery Procedures- Explore The Myriad Possibilities!

Oral surgery or mouth surgery is one of the leading forms of dentistry. It includes diagnosing and treating a wide range of oral health symptoms, injuries and defects. Whether you need mouth re-construction or a cosmetic solution for your mouth, an oral surgery fulfills myriad purposes. It makes the use of various dental procedures such as extractions, sedation dentistry, implants, grafts, etc. These dental procedures address the aesthetic and functional aspects of various parts of the mouth. Let’s explore in detail about these oral surgery procedures:

1. Extractions:

Tooth extractions are recommended for serious oral infections. Wisdom tooth extractions are done only when the infection cannot be treated by other conservative methods. Most common procedures include simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. Most complicated tooth extractions are well-handled by surgical tooth extraction method. Furthermore, a dentist has no choice but to go for surgical methods if the extraction requires an excessive use of force. The complicated cases of the wisdom tooth extractions may need frequent visits to an oral surgeon.

2. Sedation Dentistry:

A conscious sedation dentist uses pharmacological agents while treating you for oral health symptoms. The sedatives are used to depress the nervous system which eliminates the anxiety of a patient. Though you might feel drowsy but will remain conscious while operating for the necessary dental treatment. A conscious sedation dentist works out in every possible manner to offer you a painless dental procedure. He helps keep you away from the mild pain that may be associated with the dental treatment.

3. Dental Implants:

Dental implants are one of the most frequently recommended mouth surgery procedures. A tooth implant dentist uses various methods to give a cosmetic touch to your mouth. Tiny titanium posts used in these implants give a strong foundation to artificial teeth. The implants work in a friendly way to preserve facial structure. Altogether, a tooth implant dentist offers a natural-feel like dental solution. This option gives you a way to smile with confidence.

4. Sinus Graft:

Sinus grafting is done to add a bone to an area for the sake of placing dental implants. It’s a complex surgical operation which helps in raising the sinus floor that allows to form a new bone. After the surgery, the bone is allowed to develop for a couple of months. A sinus lift surgery gives a long life to your implants. However, the procedure requires an oral surgeon with exceptional experience in performing sinus grafting procedures.

5. Bone Grafts:

A bone graft for implant is an excellent way to support implants. With this dental technique, bones can be grown at any place on the lower and upper jaws. The patients who have suffered substantial bone loss for any reason can be benefited with the implants using bone grafting. The method includes using your own bones, also known as Autogenous bone. Furthermore, the technique also uses the Bovine bone, Synthetic bones and various others while offering you a bone graft for implant solution.

The list of oral or mouth surgery procedures is pretty long. However, your oral surgeon is the best authority to decide which oral surgery procedure will work the best for your symptoms. Let Smile Select Dental offers you a reliable oral surgery in California. We follow systematically designed oral surgical procedures. Contact us today!

Author:- 2 years ago By Dr. Brinda Kansagra
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