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Post-Procedure Care

Post-Procedure Care

Like with any surgery, post-procedure care is very important after a periodontal surgery. Common symptoms like bleeding, pain, swelling and other sensations should be expected to a certain extent.

There can be a small amount of blood in your saliva and you might also experience little pain after the effect of anesthesia goes away. Some amount of swelling around lips and cheeks is also observed. All these symptoms start improving within few days.

Below are the recommendations on what you should do to make your post-procedure experience as quick and painless as possible:

Do Not Smoke –You should definitely not smoke after your surgery. Smoking will restrain your body’s capacity to heal the site.

No Alcohol –Whether you are taking prescription or over-the-counter drugs, it is a good idea in general to avoid alcohol post-surgery as it can restrict your immune function and will slow down the healing process.

Take Medicine As Prescribed – Take medicine as advised because the first week after your procedure, pain and discomfort is expected. However, some patients have found that over-the-counter medication works best for them. Instead of medicines, you can also consider natural remedies like turmeric or white willow bark.

Do Not Eat With Your Surgical Site – Avoid eating with your surgical site for first several days. Also, avoid overly cold or hot food for a few days. Eat food which is more comfortable to chew like oatmeal, fruits, and mash potatoes.

Avoid Brushing and Rinsing - Brushing and flossing your teeth can start the day after the surgery, avoiding the surgical area till it heals. You can rinse with a mild mouthwash after the first day has passed, to keep the dressing and surgical site clean.

Always pay special attention to your surgical site. Contact us anytime if you come across excessive bleeding or discomfort and you tried addressing the issue on your own but still having trouble.

At Smile Select Dental, We are always there to answer any questions you may have after your procedure.

Author:- 2 years ago By Dr. Parimal J. Kansagra
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