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Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dental Services in California

Practically, it's difficult to avoid accidents. But, knowing what to do when a similar situation appears before you does make a sense. Knowing about emergency dentistry can save a tooth. A toothache emergency dentist could rescue you out of dental emergencies. In Smile Select Dental, we take emergency dental issues very seriously. We never want you to struggle alone with dental pain in the odd hours. This is why we have a provision of a toothache emergency dentist who endeavors to address the cause of pain in the mouth. Our emergency dentistry addresses fractured tooth, abscessed tooth, missing tooth, broken filling, extractions emergency, save a tooth, etc. Continue reading to explore in detail about our emergency dental services in California.

Fractured Tooth

Tooth fracture caused from an accident can be very aching. Patients should try not to delay their dental consultation. Those who have fractured tooth should take few steps before visiting the dentist. One should collect the broken pieces of tooth and should take them to dental practice after washing it gently. The type of fracture decides the treatment of fractured tooth. Most Dentists usually suggest dental bonding or veneers for a chipped tooth. In case of tooth broken into two pieces, the advice given by most of the dentist is to get it repaired by a procedure called crowning. Sometimes a crack may affect one or more cusps of the teeth, the tooth can be set with a crown also known as cap. In some cases the tooth may need to be removed, as some deep cracks may affect the tooth root in the jaw. But if the tooth is extracted it can be replaced with an implant or bridge. Teeth grinding is one of the most common cause of cracking teeth. Dentist can give you a night guard to avoid this problem. Deep pain can produce a pressure that can damage the teeth. The night guard can not only be used in the night but also can be used in the day. Accidental tooth fracture is very painful. It should be consulted as soon as possible.


Abscessed Tooth

Abscessed tooth is a dental condition in which the dental nerve gets infected. It is very painful infection at the root of the tooth, commonly as a result of tooth decay. This problem can cause opening in the tooth enamel, that can entertain bacteria making it even worse. Common symptoms include fever, pain while chewing, foul smell to the breath, bitter taste in the mouth, redness and swelling of the gums, etc. An effective way to stop the pain caused as a result of infection, is to make the pulp of the teeth dead.

Missing Tooth

Many people believe that missing teeth and discomfort of having an empty space is not a major problem. So we will discuss the consequences of not overcoming this loss quickly. The presence of gaps between teeth also affects speaking, certain words can’t be pronounced well. We must remember that the main causes of tooth extraction are periodontal disease or pyorrhea. Professionals themselves will tell you the correct technique. If there is no choice other than extraction, it must be known that treatment does not end here. There are several different treatment options available:-

1. Dentures (false teeth)—They are removable plastic or metal substrates with artificial teeth.
2. Bridges—They are fixed artificial teeth to adjacent natural teeth.
3. Dental Implants —They are "pegs" of metal placed in the jawbone, which is clamped or screwed a denture or bridge.


Broken Filling

A healthy smile is an essential stuff for self-esteem at various level, so it is necessary to maintain good oral health. Sometimes chewing something hard or an accident can damage a tooth. In this situation approaching a dentist can be considered as a necessary step. If the dentist cannot be approached at that moment, it is advised to have pain killers & liquid food until the problem is resolved. The dentist will give you best size advise for the broken tooth. If there is little damage then pacing a dental veneer is effective, which is nothing more than a thin layer of enamel that covers the front of tooth.

Extractions Emergency

Tooth decay is a type of infection that we all know well. The human body naturally contains many bacteria. Most of them are harmless and even necessary for the functioning of the body. In the mouth, saliva, bacteria and food debris gets collected on the surface of the teeth and cause plaque. If the plaque is not removed, it can end up attacking the enamel surface of the teeth. Thereafter, if left untreated, it may progress attacking tissues increasingly deeper.

Phases of destruction

Phase 1: The first phase of development of caries is painless and the symptoms are difficult to discern. Tooth decay affects the enamel (a hard substance that coats the teeth). If the problem is not detected in a review, caries can advance without getting noticed.

Phase 2: Next, caries attacks the dentin (or ivory), the substance of which is made up most of the tooth. In this phase, the cavity is already painful.

Phase 3: If the decay does not stop destroying the dentin and reaches the pulp. This infection can cause a sharp pain.

Phase 4: If no action is taken, the decay advances to reach the tissue surrounding the teeth, the periodontal ligament, bone and gum. At that point a tooth abscess, which is much more painful than usual toothache pain and can cause detachment of the tooth.

When a cavity begins to form, white spots on the tooth (initial caries) are observed, these are the first signs of decay. These stains are not easily recognized. If you notice any pain or any of the more sensitive teeth than usual, see your dentist as soon as possible.

Emergency dental services

Save A Tooth

The loss of a tooth (extraction) is a trauma that leaves a lasting impression. To avoid all the hassles and anxieties that can cause dental pain you should visit your dentist at least after every six months. Endodontics, better known as "Root Canals" is a specialty, concerned with the study and treatment of the dental pulp. This is a part of comprehensive treatment of the tooth and is necessary to evaluate at least once, to find what type of rehabilitation is required to restore lost functions and aesthetics in the best possible way.

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