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Invisalign Services

Invisalign Services in Califonia

Invisalign® is an advanced orthodontic appliance that is designed to move teeth without causing much discomfort to patients. This is effective in making your smile more attractive, which eventually would help you boost your self esteem and can help you with your career growth as your smile is your signature. Living with misaligned teeth can affect your oral health. You may not smile at your best. So if you have always wanted straight teeth, you should go for Invisalign®. It is a perfect solution to orthodontic problems. Smile Select Dental Office offers Invisalign® services in California to our valued patients of Chino Hills, CA and nearby localities. So, hurry up and book your appointment now.

Importance of straightening teeth.

Straighter the teeth, higher is the chewing efficiency. Straight teeth are more attractive and makes your smile more beautiful. Here are some reasons why it is important to straigthen your teeth:-

1. Straight teeth are healthier and have less chances of having cavities.
2. Straight teeth are more attractive and provide a better look.
3. Straightened teeth helps to prevent the chances of tooth fracture.
4. Another important reason to straighten your teeth is to make yourself feel comfortable as crooked teeth usually causes discomfort.

Invisalign services

Invisalign® and teeth straightening

Invisalign® is designed to move teeth in the desired direction without causing much discomfort. One of the major advantages of Invisalign® over dental braces is that the aligners are virtually invisible. The material used in this appliance is BPA free plastic which conveniently fits over natural teeth. It does not cause any discomfort to cheeks or lips of patients. Another added advantage is that the patients can eat their favourite food. But cleaning is required after the meal. The time required for the treatment varies from 1 to 1.5 years depending on the problem.

How it is done?

The Invisalign® process involves several steps. The first step is consultation in which you can ask our experts about the whole process, cost and time required to complete them. The second step taking records of your teeth and documenting its chewing and biting behaviour. X-Rays and dental impressions will be taken for this process. The third step is to the Invisalign® prescription form. In this process, the dental impression taken in the previous step will be tranformed into digital information. The next step will be evaluating your treatment animation after which Invisalign® will prepare your sets of aligners. Now you are ready for your Invisalign® treatment.

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