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How to Opt for Emergency Dental Services During COVID-19 Lockdown

Emergency dental during covid-19 | Smile Select Dental

Emergency Dental Services in Chino Hills, Huntington Beach, Alta Loma & Many Other Locations in California

The global pandemic - COVID-19 - has taken a toll on the public health sector and has led to casualties in vast numbers. Governments around the world have been pushed into making difficult decisions in the recent past by enforcing countrywide lockdowns. While people stay indoors strictly abiding by the regulations in place, businesses are mostly closed across the United States. Keeping in view the rising health concerns, dentists like Smile Select Dental have shut offices following CDA and ADA guidelines and are active only for emergency dental  services.

If you planned to get routine checks done on your teeth or maybe opted for teeth cleaning services, you would have to wait till the situation clears up and things normalize. However, Smile Select Dental continues to provide emergency dental care to patients in dire need amidst the persisting COVID situation. Smile Select Dental offers emergency dental services in Chino Hills, Huntington Beach, Alta Loma, and many other locations in California.To avail of emergency dental services in California, the patients can call 909-606-5566 at any time.


It is essential to be aware that the Coronavirus spreads through respiratory droplets. This requires us to be extremely cautious and take all necessary measures to stay safe. It is obvious that most dental offices are not equipped to provide a high level of protection since they do not have airborne infection isolation rooms or enough N95 masks. By avoiding routine treatments, you can help your clinic effectively focus on emergency dental services. Since the pandemic has spread far and wide, it is best to stay indoors and postpone essential treatments until things get going again.


There are several procedures that are not termed as dental emergencies. Such treatments are also known as elective procedures. In layman’s definition, this means that such treatments can be postponed and rescheduled at a later time since these do not pose a direct health risk and generally do not require emergency dental care.

  • Routine checks or teeth cleaning
  • X-rays and treatment of teeth problems that do not hurt
  • Cosmetic issues


As per ADA regulations, any life-threatening situation becomes a candidate for emergency dental services. In such a situation, the dentist decides what’s urgent.

  • Serious toothache
  • Persistent bleeding issue
  • Swelling in the gums, face or neck
  • Broken tooth
  • Trauma and signs of infection
  • Tooth care in cancer cases
  • Painful braces


Going digital is the best way to get in touch with your doctor in the current situation. Smile Select Dental now offers at-home virtual consultations that are effective and almost as good as meeting your doctor in-person. If you wish to speak to your dentist while you stay at home safe and sound, click on the link: to schedule a virtual consultation.

When you feel the need for affordable emergency dental services, it is always a good idea to call Smile Select Dental experts at 909-606-5566. Your dentist would be able to guide you effectively if you need urgent care or if you could postpone your treatment.

Emergency dentistry can be really distressing, and even more in these unusual times when the world is already grappling with the Coronavirus pandemic. Toothaches and emergencies can be all the more troublesome for patients in search of an emergency dentist in Huntington Beach CA nowadays. At Smile Select Dental, we strive to put your at ease through these times which is why we have put together tips and advice that could help you get a better understanding of what dental emergencies are and how we provide emergency dental services in California to our patients in urgent need of assistance. The COVID lockdown is expected to go on for some more time and our non-crucial services would remain mostly temporarily closed during this time. We are open only for emergency dentistry and virtual consultations for which appointments can be made online.



  • When facial swelling affects the opening of the mouth, it causes breathing difficulties and vision disturbances.
  • Any kind of trauma leading to complications.
  • Bleeding that doesn’t seem to stop. Severely broken tooth.
  • Toothache, severe wisdom tooth pain or infection.


  • Loose crowns, bridges, or veneers.
  • Bleeding gums. Broken or grinding dentures.
  • A chipped tooth that is painless.

While experts at Smile Select Dental can be contacted for emergency dental services when the need arises, we have given our advice on some common emergencies below:


Toothache and swelling of the gums could lead to facial swelling and this could lead to many uncomfortable sensations for the patient. Such facial swellings often occur over a short period of time and are usually a sign of an infection that requires antibiotic treatment. In case the abscess is draining, it would be okay to rinse your mouth regularly with salty water. Painkillers can help. In case needed, you can contact the emergency dentistry services for further assistance.


When you suffer from a chipped tooth that doesn’t pain, it is alright to let it be and wait for an appointment with your dentist at Smile Select Dental. In case the chipped edge hurts your tongue or is sensitive, you can easily purchase a temporary teeth-filling material from your local chemist. Make sure you read the instructions and ensure that the chipped tooth is dry when placing the filling material. Pain killers can help too. Maintain good oral hygiene combined with a low-sugar diet that can help you avoid tooth decay and can prevent the problem from getting worse. When nothing seems to work right, it’s best to take the assistance of your emergency dentist in Huntington Beach CA.


Teeth sensitivity is a common affair. Painkillers could help bring back comfort substantially and it would be a good idea to use desensitizing toothpaste like Sensodyne around the aching tooth many times throughout the day. Maintaining good oral hygiene and routine use of fluoridated toothpaste, two times a day, could be useful. However, remain cautious throughout this process, if the pain doesn’t go away, it could be pulpitis or nerve inflammation which could need treatment right away. Seek emergency dental service in California when needed.


As in every case, keeping good oral hygiene always plays a positive role. In addition to this, a low-sugar diet can help ensure that the tooth doesn’t get decayed. You can also go for an emergency kit available at the chemist that can help you place the equipment back in the mouth temporarily. This should provide some relief.


Do not worry, bleeding gums is not a dental emergency. Use a soft brush and keep your mouth clean with regular flossing. Rinse with warm salty water to keep your gums clean till the time we can see you again at Smile Select Dental. If you feel the need, you can get in touch with the emergency dentist in Huntington Beach CA at any time.

Keeping in view the COVID-19 spread, we try to be extra cautious at all times to ensure your good health while giving you emergency dental services in California. We can triage your dental needs over a phone call to minimize any possible exposure to the Coronavirus. Stay safe, stay indoors.

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