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An Insight Into Dental Veneers and Its Types

An Insight Into Dental Veneers and Its Types

Teeth veneers are a thin ceramic shell that surrounds the teeth surface. These cosmetic dentistry veneers are made up of restorative materials that have an eye-grabbing aesthetic appeal. At the same time, they safeguard the teeth surface from the damage. The dental veneers procedure varies according to the type of veneers recommended for use. Some types of veneers require just one visit to the dentist while some others may consume a lot of time to get started with the process. 

You always have the liberty to choose the type of dental veneers with which you have been fascinated. However, it’s the dentist who knows what will suit your oral health conditions. Let’s read more about their types, so that next time you have a fair idea of the dental veneers. 

Most-Sought Types of Dental Veneers!

There are numerous types of teeth veneers that are being used by the dentists today, however, we will talk about the four common types:

1. Composite Veneers

If you take a look at the dental veneers prices, then the composite veneers are a cost-effective option that can be fitted in just one trip to the dentist. These are ideal for the people who are looking to fix small dental issues such as cracked or chipped teeth. These veneers do regular polishing to maintain its aesthetic appeal. They may last longer if you stick to healthy eating habits. 

2. Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are a little costlier option but are worth the investment if you want to consider the cosmetic dentistry veneers that offer the aesthetic appeal. This whole dental veneers procedure may consume time and require multiple visits to the dental clinic. The veneers are created in a close match to your teeth color and shape. The porcelain veneers are highly resistant to staining – making them the ideal option for cosmetic dentistry.  

3. Instant Veneers

Instant teeth veneers are available in different styles and shapes. Their popularity stands somewhere between the composite and porcelain veneers. This dental veneers procedure process involves the use of pre-made veneers which saves some money on creating custom-made veneers in the lab. The aesthetic results achieved with this method are mostly close to the porcelain veneers. They are fairly stain resistant, but the results may not be long-lasting as in the case of porcelain types. 

4. Removable Veneers

One more option that is commonly used is removable or snap-on veneers. If affordable dental veneers prices are your prime concern, then it’s an inexpensive option and may be relatively new for many people. These are created using a hard-wearing dental resin that fits around your teeth to give you a perfect smile. You are free to eat anything as you normally do while using removable veneers. They can be removed as and when needed. It is a perfect alternative for the people who want a dental cosmetic solution but at a lower cost. 

Don’t get befuddled after seeing the myriad options of the dental veneers. Only a leading dentistry service provider can recommend the one that will work the best for you after studying your oral conditions. Ask Smile Select Dental when in doubt about dental veneers prices. Helping you with an affordable cosmetic dentistry veneers solution is our prime concern every time. 

Don’t hesitate to clear your oral health queries today from us!


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