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Periodontal Care

Periodontal Care in California

If you are living a miserable oral life due to severe gum recession, periodontal care in Califonia is for you. A periodontal surgery rescues you out of periodontal diseases which may flex muscles at you in near future if not addressed properly. But there is nothing to worry as you have just explored us – Smile Select Dental! Our holistic approach to dentistry makes us a leading dental service provider in California. Every time, we do our best to offer you a minimum invasive dental procedure for your utmost convenience!

If you are looking for a dental fix for your gummy smile or receding gums, we have latest procedures which ensure a high degree of accuracy. Remember, periodontal diseases lay a foundation to a tooth loss and periodontal care in Califonia is the only way to shield yourself! Let’s read in detail about scaling, periodontal surgery, gummy smile, dental implants, gum graft!


Scaling is a process of cleaning your teeth thouroughly to avoid any kind of gum diseases. Scaling mostly removes the stains which cannot be removed by brushing. It removes trapped food and plague containing millions of germs, causing tooth decay and gum problems.Local anesthesia is used by the dentist before the treatment to relieve the patients from pain.

There are two kinds of scaling:

  • Hard Scalers, that comes in different shapes and sizes to reach different parts of your mouth.
  • Electric scalers, that use very fast vibrations with water to clean your teeth.

Scaling Periodontal Care
Periodontal surgery

Periodontal Surgery

The main purpose of periodontal surgery is improving the life of gum tissues and teeth and also to control the factors that give rise to periodontal infection. This procedure is also helpful in eliminating the gum pockets thereby reducing the contact between gum tissues and teeth surface. The patients are adviced to avoid the consumption of alcohol after the surgery is complete.

Gummy Smile

Gummy smile refers to the smile in which more amount of gum is visible making it less attractive. A most commonly used treatment for this problem is laser treatment. In some complex cases, periodontists advice to go for surgical contouring or lip repositioning.

gummy smile
dental impants

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis such as a crown, bridge, denture, facial prosthesis or to act as an orthodontic anchor. In this procedure, a missing tooth root is replaced by a dental implant which helps to preserve the integrity of facial structures and preserves the structure of neighboring teeth. A dental implant involves placing a titanium implant "root" into the bone of the jaw. Dental implants prevent jaw bone resorption and preserves facial integrity.

Gum Graft

Gum grafting is a process which is performed to reconstruct the soft tissues to cover up the teeth. Patients can acquire more beautiful smiles from the process and the teeth become less prone to decay. Gum pockets are formed as a result of gum infection and estrangement of soft tissues from the teeth. The process of gum grafting is performed to reconstruct the soft tissues for covering the teeth root. The main purpose of this process is to get more attractive and making teeth less vulnerable to decay.

gum graft

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