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Preventive Dentistry

 Preventive Dentistry in California

Not sure where to look for a quality preventive dental clinic in California? Let Smile Select Dental help you safeguard from periodontal diseases with our state-of-the-art dentistry treatments. We have been in California for more than three decades serving dental needs of local people & international communities. Our aim is to maintain your teeth in a healthy state and preventive dentistry gives us a way to fulfill our intentions.

Smile Select Dental maintains a high standard of customer service because we care for our every patient. We professionally cover all aspects of dental cleaning such as fluoride treatment, dental prophylaxis, etc. Give us a chance to stop your dental issues from complications and you will never regret. Read to know what we cover in our preventive dentistry services in California such as dental prophylaxis, periodontal surgery, space maintainers, fluoride treatment, dental crowns, etc.

Dental Prophylaxis

Prophylaxis is a dental hygiene procedure whose main objective is to clean the tooth surfaces by removing tartar. Dental cleaning is the removal of plaque, with ultrasound or other electromechanical instrument. It is important to keep regular checks to achieve a healthy mouth and a healthy smile. Visiting your dentist every six months and making the correct brushing techniques with a good toothbrush (soft and small head). The toothpastes are also of great help as they allow us to maintain fresh breath and a healthy tooth discoloration. Periodontal disease has recently been linked with other diseases that do not affect the mouth.


Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal disease can cause the formation of pockets between the teeth and gums, which can accumulate plaque and require treatment. If nonsurgical treatments fail to reduce pocket depth, surgery may be necessary. The surgical treatment of gum and bone can reduce the depth of the pocket thereby saving one or more teeth. In some cases the bags reduction surgery is done with generative procedures (techniques that stimulate the development of new bone). Periodontal disease is very common around the world - in fact, it is much more common that dental caries or any other form of dental distress. The situations that result from periodontal disease can lead to pain, but the disease process is not painful. Not all patients need periodontal surgery. In fact, all patients will first be put on a course of non-surgical treatment and then evaluated after a couple of months to see how well the patient is responding.

Space Maintainers

Space maintainers are appliances that fit your child's mouth to maintain the space. They do this by holding open the empty space & this treatment is much more affordable. A concept to keep in mind when placing maintainer is the time that has elapsed since the tooth was lost.


Fluoride Treatment

The procedures performed by the dentist with different purposes. The procedures that patients appreciate most are those that are intended to treat the condition and relieve patients of pain and discomfort. The most important work is performed by dentists to prevent patients come to suffer dental procedures and conditions of debilitating disease. The two most important preventive measures are dental cleaning and fluoride treatment. Both are routine procedures that can be applied in children and adults to preserve the health of the oral cavity. The fluoride treatments or therapies can be performed in children and adults. It can be prescribed to patients who have white spots on teeth. The white spots are areas of demineralization, and the dose of fluoride a uniform distribution of minerals will be guaranteed, so the white spots will fade. It can be prescribed to orthodontic patients. The presence of braces in the mouth makes teeth more susceptible to decay. Appliances often trap bits of food, and when not cleaned properly promote the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The prescription fluoride strengthen the teeth. Dentists can apply fluoride in several ways. In most cases it applied in gel form, which requires the use of a mouth tray. The tray is filled with gel and left in the mouth for 5 minutes to allow the tooth to absorb fluoride. It is also available in the form of varnish and applied as a paint.

Dental Crowns

The procedure dental crown involves using tooth-shaped coverings made of metal, ceramic or porcelain to restore strength and eliminate discomfort. Additionally, dental crowns can be used to anchor a dental bridge or to cap a dental implant post. Dental crowns are made of metal, ceramic or porcelain fused to metal. The type of crown that is used during the procedure will depend on individual needs and goals, along with the recommendation of the dentist. Crowns are used in situations where the tooth is a big change and this is needed or desired fix. For example, when a tooth cavity covers more than half of the tooth, when there is a fracture or trauma of the same size or a tooth that exists for some other reason is needed to give the preform tooth or need to fully restore. In case of not having enough root think of a dental bridge or a dental implant.


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