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Top Orthodontic Treatment Myths Debunked

Top Orthodontic Treatment Myths Debunked

The orthodontic treatment has gained popularity across the world because of its efficiency and effectiveness to correct both severe and minor poor teeth alignment. It fixes malocclusion and misaligned teeth that may result in improper bites and several other oral health issues like tooth decay and gum diseases. However, people get nervous when it comes to getting the treatment due to confusion created by myths about orthodontics. Here are the top orthodontic treatment myths debunked.

Myth 1- Orthodontic treats only with braces

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just about braces. It offers several other options that can help move teeth back to their position. Clear aligner is one such option that can align teeth without visibility. Orthodontists are qualified to use different types of tools to aid the alignment of teeth, and thus they can guide the patient for the best possible treatment.

Myth 2- Orthodontics is only for cosmetic purpose

Though aligned teeth improve your appearance with a beautiful smile, it also functions better. Straighter teeth work better in chewing and biting and also eliminate speech issues. Besides, with properly aligned teeth, you have fewer chances of developing gum diseases, tooth decay, and cavities as food particles do not get space to get stuck. Hence, orthodontics not only adds to the facial profile but also plays a significant role at large in overall health care.

Myth 3- Office visits not required

Every treatment requires monitoring to check the status of the progress. The same goes for orthodontics treatment. The orthodontists need to monitor closely to ensure that the treatment stays on course. Regular monitoring allows them to take the required steps to make corrections in case of problems. However, due to technological advancements, patients can have an interval of eight to ten weeks between two appointments, depending on their condition.

Myth 4- You will have a metal mouth for years

It might have been true a couple of decades ago. However, orthodontic treatment today offers so many options to choose from to get straighter teeth. You can go for less noticeable ceramic braces over the traditional metal ones. Also, with removable clear aligners, you can get your teeth straight without getting noticed.

Myth 5- Orthodontic treatment is only for children

It’s never too late to start with orthodontic treatment. Whether young or adult, it works for all ages. However, adult treatment can take more time as compared to a kid’s treatment because of prior dental work. Hence, age is not a concern when it comes to getting a healthy smile.

Now that you know enough about the orthodontic treatment, you can schedule an appointment with Smile Select Dental to get started and flaunt that smile you had been dreaming of for long.

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